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The Massachusetts Coalition of Police Legislative Team is dedicated to working with our membership to provide the best legislative service available to any public sector union. With a proven track record of success, the legislative team has developed an excellent working relationship with both the legislative and executive branches of government.

Each session, our five member legislative team, chaired by MCOP First Vice President John E. Nelson, files a number of bills aimed at improving our member’s benefits. Keeping the membership involved and informed is our number one priority. We have been very successful at achieving this goal via the use of social media. Facebook and Twitter have been tools that we have used to our benefit to keep our members informed. We aim to address concerns and issues that face the hard working men and women that protect our communities by working together in advancing our legislation with one voice... the voice of working police officers.


  • Correspondence from John Nelson First Vice President dated March 6 2021 Mar-06-2021
  • Letter from Legislative Director and First Vice President John E Nelson dated March 4 2021 Mar-04-2021
  • Correspondence from President Hovsepian dated January 6 2021 Jan-06-2021
  • NAPO Statement on Riot at US Capitol 07 JAN 2021 Jan-06-2021
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Legislative Affairs in the News

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